Bobble Headz Biography
Bobbleheadz consists of Big Tats, Chi Baby, and Scott Snares. Their self titled first album is something truly unique, rich with each individuals style and stories. Minnesota natives, their music is an eclectic blend of hard hitting instrumentals and thought provoking, insightful lyrics. They have an uncanny ability to inject realism, fun, and humor into each project and task they take on. Although new to the music scene as the Bobbleheadz group, each individual has years of experience in the music industry. Bobbleheadz came together in late 2010, and have quickly formed a chemistry that is a force to be reckoned with. Each member writes and produces their own material, and as a collective are pushing the boundaries of their music as far as they can. They are currently finishing a new mix tape titled Savvy Boyz, which should be complete for the streets by April 2012.
Bob your headz…BobbleHeadz.



Scott Snares – Music Production, keyboard, Emcee/Vocalist, and Drums
Chi Baby – Emcee/Vocalist, drumpad
Big Tats – Lyricist, Emcee/Vocalist

BobbleHeadz – Self Titled (Released Fall 2011)
BobbleHeadz – #SavvyBoyz (In Post Production, To Be Released Spring 2012)
Songs streaming on: (Minneapolis/Worldwide)
Bauce Man Radio (Chicago)
103.3 CIMA (Seattle)
WDEP Online Blogtalk (Minneapolis)
Nominated for Best Crew at 2012 Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards
Featured Band Of The Day (1/22/11) on


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